Hi, I'm Rachel,

thanks so much for taking the time to look at my photography.

I specialise in children and family photography. I’m based in West Sussex. I love photographing outside, and capturing natural, happy photo’s in a beautiful setting. I started Wallflower in 2011.


My approach is discreet and natural, I aim to capture real moments that are documented in a simple and timeless way. I have always found that the best moments have been captured when the people I photograph feel relaxed in my company. I am not one for staged or posed photography, I like to find a beautiful setting, ideally outdoors in fields or flowers and capture fun and laughter. If that means that during a family shoot Mum or Dad has to dance behind me, pull faces, or generally make a fool out of themselves to get a giggle, then so be it!

About me

My husband and I live in a small village just outside of Horsham with our two boys.

My favourite thing to do is holidays with my family, spending time with my boys. I grew up in Horsham and have never ventured too far away, family is everything to me. I have two sisters and I have definite middle child syndrome!

I like to keep busy, I do outdoor fitness classes and try (pretty badly) to run. I drink a lot of coffee and eat alot of chocolate.


I studied photography at university, whilst studying I did second shooting at weddings where I gained valuable practical experience from some incredible photographers. I photographed my first wedding in 2008 and I have now photographed approx 250 weddings. By the end of the three years I was desperate to get out there and work for myself.

In the last few years my business has started to focus more on outdoor children and family photography, this fits in well with my lifestyle now I have both my boys at school. I do still take a few wedding each year, but predominently children and families take most of my work load.

All of the work I do is gained by word of mouth, which I am truly so grateful for. Without the support of my previous clients I wouldn’t be able to do the job I love.